With some 433 species of reptiles (31 species of turtle, 5 crocodilians, 3 amphibians, 178 lizards and 216 snakes) and over 464 species of amphibians, Ecuador ranks seventh in the world in terms of herpetological diversity.

Its relatively small territory and varied topography make it a veritable paradise for herpetologists and enthusiasts of this little-known world.

On our “Herping” trips, we’ll take you to meet some of the planet’s most fascinating and fragile fauna. They’re almost everywhere, from the Amazon rainforest to the Pacific coast and the foothills of the Andes, not forgetting the legendary Galapagos Islands, a hotbed of endemism.

All these ecosystems open their doors to us, offering exciting opportunities to observe this very special fauna.

The itineraries on offer, while scientific in appearance, are suitable for beginners and experts alike. Our specialized and passionate guides will help you to better understand the biology and behavior of neotropical species, thanks to our adapted equipment and safety techniques.

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