Our watercolor courses will take you on a voyage of discovery through one of South America’s most colorful countries.  You’ll be able to develop your artistic talents with our professional watercolorist guide while letting yourself be amazed by the diversity of landscapes and the variety of wildlife along these pictorial journeys. These trips are especially designed to illustrate and admire the thousand facets of Ecuador to the rhythm of your brushstrokes.

These workshops are designed by professional artists, but are open to all. Numerous illustration techniques will be offered and used throughout the workshop circuit.

Objectives of the watercolor workshops

The aim of this tour is to enable participants to discover and perfect their skills in scientific and naturalistic field illustration. We’ll cover both methods of gathering information directly in the field and the techniques needed to create a watercolor travel journal. We’ll also take a look at scientific illustration processes in the classroom, with the aim to obtain more detailed illustrations based on our field notes.

The days will be devoted to long outdoor sketching sessions, in pencil, ink and watercolor. This will enable us to confront the problems posed by note-taking on the spot, as well as those more specific to the travel journal, the relationship between written and drawn notes. We’ll be looking at these issues from the point of view of both formal aesthetics and narrative. In addition, depending on the location and the wishes of the participants, work can go beyond the quick sketch to the finished watercolor of the indoor sessions. The more technical aspects of watercolour painting can be tackled in the evenings or during afternoon sessions, using the day’s notes and, if necessary, digital photos.

Keeping an illustrated logbook does not require advanced drawing or coloring skills. The illustrated logbook can thus provide a personal, comprehensive and interesting alternative to photography or written journaling. The level of participants is of little importance, as we place the emphasis on conviviality and emulation, in a relaxed atmosphere where you can let your artistic energy flow freely.

Creating a watercolor travel journal

Made in the moment, it will allow you to freeze the essence of your trip by capturing colors, textures and moods. So many memories that you’ll be able to recall every time you open your notebook. It will also enable you to work on your sense of observation and connect more deeply with your surroundings as you paint.

It will be made up of written, drawn and painted notes, more elaborate texts and illustrations, and can be enriched with photos, collages and more.

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