The world-famous Peruvian ruins of Machu Picchu are not only a historical attraction, but also an important ornithological zone. The descent to Madre de Dios and the Manu reserve will allow you to explore a wide range of altitudinal gradients where you will be able to search for all the region’s endemics. Discover all our trips to Peru, for photographers, wildlife watchers and culture lovers alike.

Destination Trips to Peru - Southern Peru, between stones and feathers with Nature Experience

Southern Peru, between stones and feathers

A tour from Lima through the Andes to the deep rainforests of Manu. We could not conceive of a birdwatching trip in southern Peru without including the world's most famous touristic site, Machu Picchu, where we will marvel at one of the wonders of the New World.

15 days
From 4290 US$
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