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Since 2003, Nature Experience has continued to grow, mature, improve and ultimately, evolve, as it replicates the very essence of the nature that surrounds it.
Specializing in the observation of flora and fauna, Nature Experience aims to share its passion by offering visitors the best of the region's diverse natural environments, including the Amazon rainforest, the Andes, the coast with its tropical and semi-arid forests, its great deserts and the legendary Galapagos Islands. All of this in South America's most beautiful countries: Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and, most recently, Brazil.

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Naturalist trips in South America with Nature Experience trips in South America

Once you've admired a Harpy eagle's nest in the Amazon rainforest, trembled with emotion and joy at the sight of a spectacled bear in the cloud forest, or smelled the sweet fragrance of the Gongora pardina (aromatic orchid), you can't…

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Family trips to South America with Nature Experience trips to South America

South America, a gourmet recipe for a successful family vacation!

Latin America, an authentic cultural and natural patchwork, is undoubtedly the secret ingredient of an idyllic family holiday. Each country on this marvellous continent, with its own special features and…

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Birdwatching trips in South America with Nature Experience trips in South America

On our birding trips, you'll discover the extreme biodiversity of the birds of tropical America, which is without doubt the most obvious representation of the complex ecological and evolutionary process of this continent.

For us, these birds and ecosystems are…

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Photographic safaris in South America with Nature Experience safaris in South America

If there's one continent that's sure to make you want to press the shutter release, it's South America and its photographic journeys. Its geographical position and great diversity of landscapes and landforms will provide you with extraordinary luminosity.

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Scuba diving trips in South America with Nature Experience diving trips in South America

The Caribbean, the Pacific, the Atlantic oceans make the South American continent a hotbed of marine biodiversity. On our scuba diving trips, you'll discover this impressive biodiversity.

We also offer scuba diving cruises to the Galapagos Islands, where you can…

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Scientific travel in South America with Nature Experience travel in South America

Ecuador is one of the world's most biodiverse countries in relation to its surface area. On the same day, you can go from the lush forests of the Amazon to the cold high plains of the Andes or the dry…

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Self-guided tours, travel in complete freedom with Nature Experience tours, travel in complete freedom

Nature Experience, with its self-guided tours, tailor-made trips and itineraries, lets you discover a multitude of regions in complete freedom, at your own pace, without a guide. Your only companions are a vehicle, a GPS, a map, a road-book and,…

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Botanical tours of South America with Nature Experience tours of South America

With its 4 major natural regions and 16 distinct biotopes, Ecuador, the smallest of the Andean countries, offers visitors an immeasurable diversity of flora. More than 22,000 plant species cover the territory, including over 4,150 species of orchids and more…

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Herping travels in South America with Nature Experience travels in South America

With some 433 species of reptiles (31 species of turtle, 5 crocodilians, 3 amphibians, 178 lizards and 216 snakes) and over 464 species of amphibians, Ecuador ranks seventh in the world in terms of herpetological diversity.

Its relatively small territory…

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Watercolor workshops in South America with Nature Experience workshops in South America

Our watercolor courses will take you on a voyage of discovery through one of South America's most colorful countries.  You’ll be able to develop your artistic talents with our professional watercolorist guide while letting yourself be amazed by the diversity…

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3 good reasons to travel with Nature Experience


More than 16 years of experience serving the country as nature lovers, looking after protected areas, using science, and promoting responsible tourism.


Our group tours include exceptional, unique and original sites, in keeping with the theme of the trip and truly off the beaten track.


The pace of our tours has been adapted to observation, interpretation and photography. Now more than ever, let's take time to enjoy each place with the greatest respect for the species.
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