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Our logistics, fixing and journalistic support services

For many years now, we have been applying our know-how and knowledge to the service of television and film. Contact us for help with your project.

Our knowledge of the region, its cultures, its language and its ecosystems is an asset for the fixer’s job, the smuggler’s support, the reporter’s right-hand man and the journalist’s essential ally.

Interpreters, translators, scientific consultants, facilitators, technicians, logisticians and professionals of all kinds – our work list is long and well-structured. We’ve got the contacts, and we’ll take you to the right people. Our local knowledge will save you precious time, both during pre-production and on location. We also have extensive translation experience for post-production.

Our experience in the field of natural history has enabled us to assist in the production of several nature documentaries, on Andean bears, Hummingbirds, Andean condors, Ecuadorian volcanoes and many other subjects.

ULM, horses, speedboats, helicopters, hot-air balloons – when it comes to logistics, we’ve got you covered too.


Our knowledge has enabled major TV networks and production companies to shoot in the best possible conditions (BBC, NHK, France5, TV5, ARTE).

We also know all the ins and outs of applying for filming permits, an essential element for filming in complete serenity. We also take care of transcriptions and translations. Our presence at the shoot gives us a better understanding of the content, and saves us time in the final production process.


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Find all this information and more on our dedicated page: Fixing Experience



Our services for scientific expeditions

Scientific exploration trips have always relied on logistical support and in-situ knowledge in order to survey the target regions in the best possible conditions.

One of our most important obligations as a naturalist and scientific tour operator is to contribute, if only a little, to one of the most important pillars of conservation: scientific investigation.

Who said tourism and science weren’t compatible? Not only are they, but we believe they go hand in hand.

In addition to our various participatory tourism offers, over the years we’ve developed a wealth of know-how, thanks to our experience in accompanying scientific expeditions, our passion for nature and our accumulated knowledge in the field, which we like to offer to the scientific community.

Biodiversity inventories, exploration missions, specific research projects, ethological data collection, cartography, applied courses for university students, participative travel… There’s no shortage of topics when it comes to science. Let us know what you need and we’ll take care of all the details to make your mission a success.

Several organizations have called on our services for the organization, logistics or support of their scientific projects. Here are a few examples:

  • First phase of an entomological expedition – Ecuador Trichoptera (February 2015)
  • Search for new lichen species in northern Ecuador (July 2016)
  • Ornithological expedition to Puna Island, Ecuador (September 2016)
  • Second phase of an entomological expedition – Ecuador Trichoptera (February 2017)
  • Research project – Ecology and water quality of the Machangara River – Ecuador (April 2017)
  • Ichthyological inventory of the Mira River (June 2017).
  • Third phase of an entomological expedition – Ecuador Trichoptera (November 2017)



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Find out more about our scientific trips for universities and student groups.



Our services for transport and logistics

Indispensable and inseparable from our business, transport services are another facet of our work. Aware of the need to meet our legal obligations in the face of the new national legislation, we have set up a new transport company linked to our travel agency. Toucan Express, a subsidiary of Nature Experience, offers professional transport services.

On the water, in the air, or on all South American roads, we offer you a wide range of quality options, accompanied by professionals.

Our services are as safe as they are varied, whether for a film shoot, a cruise, a honeymoon, an auto-tour or a scientific expedition.



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Find all the information in this link : Toucan Express Transport


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