As well as being South America’s largest country, Brazil is one of the continent’s most impressive naturalist and photographic destinations. We’re not offering you simple trips here, but rather wildlife safaris in Brazil. There are countless opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife observation. These vast open ecosystems mean that wildlife is often easier to observe here than elsewhere in South America. The Iguaçu Falls, one of the world’s most impressive waterfalls, shares the podium with the gallery forests of Cristalino.

The north, bathed by the Atlantic oceanic influence, offers very characteristic biotopes of dry, scrubby forests, wet meadows and gallery forests, between valleys, waterfalls and white sandy beaches.

Further south, the Pantanal plains, untouched by any human interference, are the world’s largest wetland. Bordered by the Paraguay River in the west, they stretch from the Mato Grosso plateau to the Chaco frontier. This sparsely populated area is home to a wide range of easygoing neotropical fauna: the august swamp deer, the now rare Jacynthe Macaw, the emblematic jaguar, the singular maned wolf, voracious giant otters and peaceful cabiaïs.

Easily accessible from the Pantanal, the southern Amazon also offers extraordinary birdwatching and naturalist opportunities, with an impressive list of bird species. Even if sightings are more difficult here, the 600 or so species present represent an excellent reward for any birdwatcher.

Finally, the Atlantic rainforests, although extremely threatened by the advancing agricultural frontier, remain rich in endemism. This is where we’ll see some of Brazil’s most emblematic species. The area’s excellent hotels are all equipped with feeders and feeding sites, facilitating observation and photography.

Destination Trips to Brazil - Pantanal and Atlantic Forest with Nature Experience

Pantanal and Atlantic Forest

When most people think of Brazil, they think of Carnival, Sugarloaf and endless beaches, but we think of the Pantanal and the Atlantic forests. Between large wetlands, savannahs and emerald forests, these two great ecosystems are excellent places to start discovering Brazil. It is also the best place on the continent to observe some great…

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