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In this, the twentieth year of our tourism business, we are more than ever seeking to adapt, change our habits and rethink our offering. A constant rethinking of our profession is now inevitable. We have decided to become players in a more committed, more human and, above all, more coherent form of tourism. We’ve achieved this by integrating a new rhythm and reducing our brand, because it’s all a question of permanent impact. It’s not a question of “rethinking tomorrow’s travel”, but of initiating concrete actions today to make up for yesterday’s mistakes; to reconstitute the true DNA of travel. Longer, slower journeys, but more intense, more intelligent and more supportive. An almost complete reduction in the use of internal flights, more authentic human encounters, a commitment to a genuine reduction in carbon footprint, through local and efficient mechanisms, all point us in the direction of a more participative tourism. We owe it to ourselves to generate a benevolent relationship with all those involved, and above all with the elements involved in a trip. More than ever, we’re asking ourselves the question: how can we best share our passion, without accentuating its effects, and invite you to continue traveling? This catalogue should not be used as a product brochure, but as a book of inspiration for building more harmonious and responsible à la carte trips together. Please don’t hesitate to take the time to read and re-read it, and to submit your projects and desires. We’ll have more time than ever to respond to your requests. Let’s not be in a hurry: nature knows how to show itself to those who know how to wait.

The Nature Experience team.


Our duty, our commitments

Tourism, like all human activity, has an impact on the environment. Our Code of Ethics therefore begins with the utmost respect for the environment, through strict rules of approach, observation and vigilance. We also strive to generate maximum feedback from the observations and data collected during our tours, so that they can be used freely by the scientific community.


As much out of respect for the environments visited as for the comfort of participants and the quality of observation, we limit the size of our groups depending on the type of trip (see details of each trip).


The majority of our partners work on sustainable tourism projects, respecting local people and the environment, with a view to promoting conservation and better support for native populations.


Agreements with a large number of sustainable projects, private reserves, conservation foundations, scientific stations and other local players in conservation and scientific research enable us to be constantly up to date with practical and scientific information that can help us in the realization of new projects.


Our commitment to the environment and all those who depend on it is an important issue for Nature Experience. Tourism is a new source of income for many people in many countries around the world. We strive to motivate native populations and other external stakeholders to realize the long-term viability of tourism as both an economic and a conservation solution. We therefore make it a point of honour to remunerate all our employees and service providers fairly and equitably. Tourism must be a positive activity for people and their environment.


Nature Experience Group has been supporting a large number of conservation initiatives, investigation and disclosure projects for over 8 years. Since 2016, we have created the ECO-SYSTEMA Project, which constitutes an economic fund for the conservation, research and protection of fragile ecosystems in Ecuador. We donate 3% of our annual profits to the project.


The past few years have been marked by recognition for our work. Winner of the ATR (Responsible Tourism) award in 2015 and in 2016 we received Q (Qualidad Q) certification from the Municipality of Quito and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism. The Safe Travel label was awarded to us during the pandemic. In 2022, we  joined the prestigious list of Ecosafaris label.




Our mission

Nature Experience is a travel agency focused on the marketing of naturalist and scientific trips to various destinations in the Neotropics. We are committed to various aspects of environmental protection and scientific popularization.

Our commitment is to create fun, unique and innovative products that include high quality standards and great respect for the spaces visited, taking care of the environmental, socio-cultural and economic impact of our operation and maintaining a policy of internal and external equity. We support our employees and suppliers in adopting appropriate, relevant and effective sustainability standards. At the same time, we raise our customers’ awareness of broad and distinct issues, training them and empowering them towards more sustainable travel behaviors.




We are members of :


Qualidad Q
Qualidad Q
Chambre Provinciale de Tourisme de Pichincha
Provincial Chamber of Tourism of Pichincha
Association nationale d’opérateur de tourisme réceptif d’Equateur
National Association of Incoming Tour Operators of Ecuador
Ministère Équatorien du Tourisme
Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism
Agir pour un Tourisme Responsable
Acting for Responsible Tourism
Association Française d'Ecotourisme
French Ecotourism Association
Vivarium de Quito
Quito Vivarium
Reunión Equatorienne d’Ornithologie
Nature Experience is co-organizer of the Ecuadorian Ornithology Meeting.
Neotropical Birding Club
Neotropical Birding Club
Amphibios Ecuador - Jambatu
Amphibios Ecuador – Jambatu
Bird Life en Equateur
Bird Life in Ecuador
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