Many thanks to everyone who has encouraged, helped and supported us, and who has helped our project in one way or another.


Big and small thumbs up :

The Amigo family, Zoé, Blanche, The Rios-Touma family, Dorian Noêl, Maria Laguna, Vincent Mouret, Celine Garrigue, Marion Ciuppa, Marielle Geoffroy, Clémence Matthieu, Olivier Duchochois, Isabelle Nanin, Camille Leroy, Amélie Josse, Ruth Muñiz, Juan Freile, Pierre Ferron, David Haelterman, Aurélien Antonio, Ana Maria Velasco, Jean Marc Touzet, Bernard Bricourt, Vanesa Saltos, Reno Llobet, Christophe Siré, Niouste Laborde, Yannick Deprauw, La Raya 66 and of course all the Nature Experience staff.

Many thanks also to Ecuador.


Photos :

Hervé Amigo, Xavier Amigo, Serge Baudette, Guy et Françoise Bauple, Didier Buysse, Patrick Chatelier, Pierre Christiane, Murray Cooper, Alan Davis, Marc Fasol, Volker Feiser, Frederick Larrey, Reno Llobet, Vincent Mouret, Bernard Rampon, José Luis Rodriguez, Laura Rostan, Anthony Van Eycke, Pierre Ferron, David Haelterman.



Sandro Pignocchi, Serge Nicolle, Dorian Noel.

Thanks to all those who have called on our services, crossed our paths, believed in us and helped with our various projects.


Sorry to all those whose names we have forgotten, and thanks to all the others too!

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